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Researching Our Changing World

We're an experienced, independent full service market research agency

The company was established in 2000 by large- agency-experienced researchers (NOP, GfK), with the purpose of bringing affordable research to clients with the bonus of understanding large company culture if necessary. Our experience is deep and wide; from multi-country car clinics to working with small agencies as UK sub-contractors.


Our background is automotive research with its wide variety of research methods, techniques and off-shoot industries and services. And over the years we've also been involved in other research from ecological and environmental issues to FMCG.

Our future is looking long-term at the use of technologies to enable mobility, whether that be personal journeys, mass transportation or commercial movement of goods.

Our experience comes from working with...

Car manufacturers

 Truck Manufacturers

Motorcycle and scooter manufacturers

Automotive component suppliers

Automotive consultancies

 Automotive Industry  Organisations

Telematics Providers

Advertising Agencies

PR Companies

Brand Specialists

Environmental Agencies

Local Authorities

Governmental Organisations

Other  research Agencies around the World

Proteus Research Ltd
Company registered in England
Company number: 04052376

A member of the Market Research Society

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